You have decided to ask EPC Search for their support in filling a vacancy


After the initial contact, an appointment is made for a comprehensive intake at your companies location. During this intake we conduct intensive discussions with the direct supervisor, future colleagues, management and HR. Then we make a tour of the company to get a good impression of the atmosphere and the prevailing culture. In this way, we are able to create a clear and complete profile. Sometimes it can happen that our profile after the intake differs from what the client originally envisioned. To avoid short or longer term derogation we do not only focus on the hard skills such as education and experience. Particularly a candidates soft skills will determine whether he / she is going to fit into the culture of the company. A candidate has a certain personality or not, skills can always be learned or extended. When reach agreement on the conditions and the approach we start the assignment.


Besides searching for good candidates in the job seeker part of the labor market
we focus on identifying candidates who are not actively looking for a
another job. Our candidates are therefore often not candidates but high potentials
which are in a process of career development.
Selecting the best candidate is an important part of our
activities. Our search is followed by a series of intensive in-depth interviews.
Then we select the best match and introduce this candidate individually to you.
Besides 'executive search' we have specialized in 'recruitment' and
"Headhunting". EPC is specialised in assignments for positions in the medior, senior and top


After the search and introduction we pay a lot of attention is actually getting the ideal candidate on board.
Throughout the procedure we coach both you and the candidate.
Even after the candidate has started his/her employment we continue, if desired, to be available as coach and mentor thus safeguarding a long and successfull career.

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